where it all began

From the beginning of college application season to the end of senior year, I had to choose one among a few schools that accepted me. Of the few schools, that were affordable in Southern California, I hastily enrolled at the University of California, Santa Barbara. The reason I use the word hastily is that I didn’t get into any of the schools I truly wanted to attend. As a kid with high expectations in high school, I was incredibly naïve as to how admissions were going to play out. I thought that if I joined every club on campus like Rotary, National Honor Society, and some scholarship organization as well as volunteered at two hospitals that I would be guaranteed acceptance to my top choice schools. The more I look back on my past in high school, the more I realize why I was rejected. I was only but mediocre. I had neither passion nor desire to do something different or worthwhile. I had nothing so compelling on my résumé, let alone my being, that people could say “wow, I wish I did those things!” Unfortunately, I realized this all after I was confronted by an incredibly accoladed Harvard Medical School graduate interviewer that I would surely get rejected from her alma mater. I thought I was good enough, that I was ready to take on the challenge, that I was mature enough. Wrong. Wrong. And more wrong.


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